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Salalah, OMAN


The Agarwood Resort at Salalah, comprises several hospitality buildings tied together with an overall oasis-like ambience: strong water presence and lush landscape of exotic plants. We enhance this ambience by accentuating the natural elements and highlighting unique architecture features, complemented by subtle lighting at other parts of the building to improve resort serviceability. That way, the resort will be able to give out unique user experience both day and night.

The exterior lighting creates welcoming environment and entices guest to come to visit. We use special lighting arrangement to highlight the drop off area, elevating its ambience into a grand entrance towards the resort’s ballroom. 
Situated at the center of the resort, the pool and its landscape become the main attraction and unifying element of the surrounding building. We create a composition of light that signifies the beauty of the landscape to reinstate water as precious gem. The color temperature and color rendering harmonized with the natural colors, enabling detailed clarity when walking around the pool at night.

A more subtle approach is applied at the exterior of chalets & villas to ensure utmost relaxing environment with dimmable fixtures, enabling guests to adjust their level of privacy. Warm temperature lighting is chosen for passageways to enhance safety without sacrificing visual comfort.

Project Facts

Location: Salalah, OMAN

Client: PT Airmas Asri

Service: Special Lighting

Year: 2016

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