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Mandiri Sharia Bank (BSM)



BSM came with the ideals of developing the country. The company values ​​that uphold humanity and integrity have been firmly planted in all the people of Bank Syariah Mandiri (BSM) since its inception.

The presence of BSM since 1999, is actually a wisdom as well as a blessing after the 1997-1998 economic and monetary crisis. As is known, the economic and monetary crisis since July 1997, which was followed by a multi-dimensional crisis including on the national political stage, has caused a variety of negative impacts that are very severe on all walks of life of society, including the business world. Under these conditions, the national banking industry which is dominated by conventional banks experienced an extraordinary crisis. The government finally took action by restructuring and recapitalizing some banks in Indonesia.

BSM is a leading and modern Sharia bank, it is stated in its Vision and Mission. To illustrate this the façade of the building is designed with green glass material so that it reinforces the impression of a modern and elegant building, the green color of the glass and the accent on the façade material strengthen the identity of BSM.

The fin elements on the façade reinforce the modern concept carried by BSM and also function as shading to reduce heat entering the building. Moreover, the shape of the pattern is inspired by the form of the Mandiri logo so that it can strengthen the identity of the building.

Project Facts

Type: Bank

Scope: Exterior Design

Client: : Mandiri

Year: 2012

Status: Finished

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