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green building

Venetian Tower is an apartment in Grand Sungkono Lagoon area, developed by PT PP Properti. The building is situated in a very strategic location with various facilities around it. The floor plan has a rectangular form, with the mass of the building designed extending from west to east to reduce the amount of solar radiation exposure to the building envelope.


The building envelope design uses 8 mm-thick single glass from Stopsol Supersilver Dark Blue + hebel wall. The simulation result shows that energy consumption intensity for the final design of the Venetian Tower, Grand Sungkono Lagoon is estimated to be around 177.66 kWh/m2, with the elaboration of 13.94% for lighting systems, 47.42% for HVAC systems, 27.84% for electrical loads from electrical equipment in buildings, and 10.70% for other electricity loads such as elevators and water pumps. While the baseline for energy consumption intensity of building is estimated at 230.54 kWh/m2. So, the energy saving obtained for this building is 52.88 kWh/m2 or 22.93%


36.30 W/m2


177,66 kWh/m2

Project Facts

Location: Jl. Abul Wahab Siamin, Surabaya

Orientation: North-south

Typical Floor Height: 3,4 m

Floor Area: 40.688,73 m2

Daylight area >300 lux: 37 %

Window-to-Wall-Ratio (WWR): 39,43 %

Window Material: Single Glass

   - SHGC: 0,42

   - U-Value: 5,73

   - Visible Transmittance: 0,356

Wall material: Glass + hebel wall

   - U-Value: : 2,929

HVAC: Split system with inverter COP: 3,21

Service: Energy Simulation

Year: 2016

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