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Surakarta, Indonesia


Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque as a "litle piece of heaven" 

We present the depicton of heaven’s beauty like what is told in the Qur’an: "Here is the parable of Paradise which the God-fearing have been promised: in it shall be rivers of incorruptible water, rivers of milk unchanging in taste, and rivers of wine, a delight to those that drink; and rivers of pure honey of all impurity cleansed." (45;17). We transformed the idea by combining and contrasting cool temperature that represents the heaven's river and warm temperature light that represents honey. The lighting also enhances architectural and interior design features that harmonizes mid-east style and javanese style

Project Facts

Type: Mosque

Client: PT Arkonin

Service:  Exterior, Interior & Landscape Special Lighting + Acoustic Design

Year: 2020

Status: On Construction

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