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Sopo Del Office Tower is a mixed-use building, strategically located at the Mega Kuningan Complex, an emerging Central Business District in the Kuningan area of Jakarta. The building is easily accessible from three main roads: Jl. HR. Rasuna Said, Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio and Jl. Gatot Subroto. It’s surrounded by five-star hotels, embassies and an international business center. Developed by PT. Toba Pengembang Sejahtra, Sopo Del Office Tower was designed to combine an Indonesian cultural mindset, high-tech infrastructure and environmentally-friendly design.

The building envelope design uses double glass from Stopsol Super silver clear  #2 8 mm + Air 12mm + Planibel #1 G 6mm. The simulation result shows that energy consumption intensity for the final design of the Sopo Del Office Tower A is estimated to be around 158.22 kWh/m2. While the baseline for energy consumption intensity of  building is estimated at 227.19 kWh/m2. So, the energy saving obtained for this building is 68.98 kWh/m2 or 30.36%


33.63 W/m2


158.22 kWh/m2

Cooling Load

27.49 m2/TR

Project Facts

Location: Kuningan, Central Jakarta

Typical Floor Height: 2,8 m

Floor Area: 68.065.3 m2

Daylight area >300 lux: 33,07 %

Sensor: Daylight sensor

Window-to-Wall-Ratio: 69,56 %

Window Material: Double Glass

   - SHGC: 0,244

   - U-Value: 1,6

   - Visible Transmittance: 0,407

Wall material: Calciboard + gypsum board

   - U-Value: 2.32

HVAC: VRF air-cooled system COP 3,7

Service: Energy Simulation

Year: 2016

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