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Jakarta International Stadium (JIS) is one of the biggest international stadiums in Indonesia, located in Tanjung Priok, Jakarta, Indonesia. With a good lighting design, an average game becomes a truly exciting event. Giving the venue an opportunity to shine and generate fans' excitement with an experience they wont to forget. We are focused on 3 main concepts:


Create an immersive experience through the integration of attractive, color-changing light, entertainment, and sound. Both athletes and spectators will also get a clear view of the field with excellent color rendering and uniformity. Flicker-free lighting technology also proposed to meet the demand of slow-motion broadcasting requirements.



Good guidance of lighting will improve safety and ease the crowd flow. Well-lit areas inside and around the stadium also give the visitor direct guidance to seats, fan shops, and exit. This will boost the venue reputation since it has increased the fans, athletes, and employees' comfort and safety.



Energy-efficient LED lighting and remote monitoring system will reduce the monthly cost of the stadium. The versatile lighting system will provide flexibility to host different types of event in the same space which also increase revenue streams.

Project Facts

Type: Stadium

Service: Exterior Special Lighting

Year: 2019

Client: PT Malimas

Status: Under Construction

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