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Marrakech Suites Apartment is a residence within the Superblock City area of ​​Depok City. It is a one-stop living area which is one of the projects of PT. Depok Asri Tower, located on Jl. Juanda. Lighting design for this hospitality aims to create a unique visual impression that can attract visitor’s eyes and help bring comfort and tranquility during their stay.


Warm light comes from inside the mosque building through the crevices of the roster creates a unique light effect. Soft lighting for the podium area gives a calm impression and also becoming the background of the mosque, so the mosque building looks more prominent.


Indirect light on the balcony area aims to provide tranquility for the residents when enjoying the balcony. It also provides comfort when enjoying the building from afar.

The linear direct view for facade lighting aims to highlight the unique and attractive shape of the building so that this apartment is more easily recognized. Bright and strong crown light, in addition, aims to strengthen the identity of a building that makes the building can be admired from afar.


Project Facts

Type: Apartment

Client: PT MDA

Service: Interior, Exterior, Interior, and Landscape Special Lighting

Year: 2019

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