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Duqm, Oman

Inside the coastal district neighborhood as a part of Al Duqm, Urban Design Masterplan project. The site primary land use as tourism area predominantly dedicated to hospitality. Lighting design for hospitality aims to create identity and unique visual impression that can attract visitor’s eyes and help bring comfort and tranquility during their stay. The special lighting design process in this project has 2 phases: Phase 1 (apartment, facility, town house), phase 1A (office and hotel)

Inspired by the traditional light of the local Bedouin. Simple, warm, and elegant lighting implies the warmth of Bedouin traditional light. The lighting concept is to catch the warmth of Bedouin tent and try to highlight the characteristics of middle eastern buildings such as thick wall columns and tones of colors that tend to be warm. "Authentic" Clean and modern types of lighting methods help to reveal the authenticity of middle east style architecture (-to make it bold) by applying warm colors and soft light to the building's facade so that it looks luxurious. "Depth" the distance from the front to the back of something. Depth will help our eyes to define levels of the space by enhance the thickness of the walls or columns with lighting.

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