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Tangerang Selatan, Indonesia

Graha Telkomsigma 2 is the office of Telkomsigma, a subordinate of the Telkom Indonesia Company, located at Bumi Serpong Damai, Tangerang, Indonesia. Transformation of the building forms was adapted from Telkomsigma's vision, "Becoming the leading Information Communication Technology (ICT) Company in the region." The ICT Solution as a data center network is depicted with horizontal fins on the podium to illustrate that ICT Solutions are the basis of the main services of Telkomsigma. The building mass that soars upwards is an analogy to the growth of the client business supported by Telkomsigma’s ICT Solution.

The exterior lighting creates and enhances the identity. “Red and White” tower lighting concept was chosen to enhance Indonesian flag color, and the white linear light showing speed. Podium lighting concepts are warm and soft. Linear wall washer with warm white temperature light creates a warm and soft impression to the building. Artificial lighting from the backside of the patterned façade strengthens the silhouette of the pattern itself. Linear LED with warm white temperature light enhances the patterns of the canopy, creating the first luxurious impression before users enter the building. General light LED with warm white temperature light enhances The patterns of ceiling lobby, creating first luxurious impression when entering the building.

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