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Jakarta, Indonesia

Jasindo Tower is a state-owned PT Asuransi Jasa Indonesia, an insurance company. Its office building is situated in Pancoran, Jakarta, Indonesia. Due to the building’s essential role to the company, we want to reflect the company’s values in the building lighting design with the concept of “RAISE” as company vision mission, representing the company’s growth towards brighter future and offering distinctive building appearance at night that emphasizes its character.

Bright and clear lighting at the entrance area symbolizing high integrity and honesty to maintain the trust of customers, business partners, and companies. Warm and soft lighting at the podium area symbolizes the enthusiasm of employees in welcoming opportunities and change. Enhanced building depth at the balcony area symbolizes the deep and sincere Jasindo service for its internal and external customers. Warm wall washer at green wall area as building connection symbolizes Jasindo family members who grow well because they have competence, strong synergy, and togetherness. Dynamic Color at crown area symbolizes the creative and innovative services provided by employees

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