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Jakarta, Indonesia

BPJS Ketenagakerjaan is a state-owned social security company managing funds for nationwide employee’s welfare. Its office building is situated in Kuningan, Jakarta, Indonesia. Due to the building’s essential role to the company, we want to reflect the company’s values in the building lighting design with the concept of “Growing in Harmony”, representing the company’s growth towards brighter future and offering distinctive building appearance at night that emphasizes its character.

The main lighting concept of the building is broken down into several micro concepts which are represented in each part of the building. The tower’s façade is designed with honeycomb-patterned lighting as a symbol of the strong core and growth of the company. The wall-washed podium façade lighting enhances 3D effect of honeycomb façade and describes the strong integrity and commitment towards the welfare of nationwide employee.

The crown lighting, as the brightest part of the building, illustrates the glory and hopeful future of the company as a result of good collaboration between BPJS’s internal and BPJS with clients.

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