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Jakarta, Indonesia

Lighting design for office mixes the need for office worker’s daily comfort with overall building ambience. It also needs to emphasize interesting points of the architectural design. The main lighting design concept for the exterior of Barito Pacific is to create distinctive building appearance at night that emphasizes its character by highlighting greenery and drawing people’s attention from afar with a different composition between dual-tone building’s crown and warm bright sky deck at building façade. Among the white ambience lighting from inside the building that dominates the typical floor exterior, there are two sky decks that are highlighted with warm bright lighting. While on the podium, warm ambience lighting on the lobby and wall grazing lighting on the green wall are designed to attract the attention of the visitors.

One interesting feature at Wisma Barito Pacific II is the presence of sky decks and building crown which accommodates and maximize city gazing activities for building users. The lighting concept used in these two areas is to make the room as warm refreshment for office employees. The most common type of lighting that is used in the interior is cove lighting, as it is able to strengthen the warm ambience of the room. On the top floor, there are trees placed on the balcony to cover the light from the crown.

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