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Jakarta. Indonesia

A.P.I is the shortness of Anak Pak Iko (Mr. Jatmika’s son) which means This house is belong to Mr. Jatmika’s son. Living in a crowded city in this modern era has shifted people’s choice to live a more simple and compact lifestyle, including when it comes to owning a house. Small site is not an obstacle to achieve the owner’s need. We played with the leveling and sliced the floors into mezannines, creating spacious, comfortable rooms. The split level also create a humble skyline to the surrounding, where the contrast between the width and the height of the house is not too extreme compared to if we designed it into 3 floors.

We want to present the genunity of the materials by exposing the raw materials, where natural texture and pattern became their aesthetic value. Rectangulare figures in the facade represents compactness and simplicity. To create a healthy dwelling, we got all the rooms washed with sunlight and natural ventilations.

Project Information

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