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Jakarta. Indonesia

Indonesia is known for their cultural wealth. As a government agency, Bappenas (The Ministry of National Development & Planning) office building must be able to represent the cultural wealth of Indonesia through design. We choose to bring the beauty of Nusantara’s artwork to the interior renovation of Bappenas office building. There are three cultural aspects of artwork that became the main idea; Batik, Wayang (traditional puppets), and the old city of Jakarta.

We implemented the beauty of Batik’s pattern into the rooms and Bappenas logo, creating an ambience of locality that is festive, colorful yet humble. The Wayang artwork, ‘Gunungan’ is placed in the strategic spot to make a bold statement. Kota Tua artwork is placed to become a reminder of Jakarta city’s history.

The design is also come with sustainable green office concept that applies energy efficiency, smart technology and indoor health comfort.

Project Information

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