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Bank Mandiri Taspen

Yogyakaarta, Indonesia

Mandiri Taspen Bank is a subordinate of the Mandiri Bank. This building is designed to be cozy and accessible for the elderlies that will be the dominant user of this building. Located in Yogyakarta that has strong culture, so we used brick as a major material to implement local material combined with vertical garden as green building concept and exposed grand stairs with glass material on the façade as modern concept. Despite of that, We want to promote Javanese and Yogyakarta localities as a form of respect and appreciation for the values that exist in society. The roof shape is transformed from Mandiri Logo, which has meaning Office and bank buildings that have the impression of a humble, as the lowercase meaning of the Mandiri Taspen logo which means earthy and friendly, not arrogant and always trying to explore partners.

We design it so the buildings can maximize the activities of customers and employees, and have maximum support for the environment by actualizing the concept of green building. We create a relaxing ambience by its humble facade linings and materials that feels like home. This building is also designed to achieve Gold rating from Greenship by maximalizing water conservation, daylight use, energy efficiency, appropiate site development & landscaping, and its material resource.

Project Information

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