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Jakarta, Indonesia

LPTK UIN is a university complex that has the main master plan design concept with a concern for the laying and functioning of buildings towards its users. Building masses are placed on the edge of the site, with an open space for the entrance, placed at the center of the master plan.

The Main Building is used as the background of the entrance to enhance the building's image, while the Wisma Building is the enclosure for the entire building on site. In its arrangement, the master plan is divided into three zones, public, semi-public, and private (only accessible by LPTK participants).

The function of the mosque can be accessed by the wider community and therefore placed at the front of the site, near the entrance. The Wisma Building and Auditorium can be rented out to the community if LPTK activities are unavailable, that is why the placement of those buildings is between the mosque and the Main Building.

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