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Riau, Indonesia

Sports hall is a building that functions as a place to do indoor sports, complete with all the equipment. located in kp. Rempak, Siak Regency, Riau. Siak Sport Hall is an area to socialize with the surrounding community.

The concept of simplicity is actually rooted in the interpretation of context which strongly influences the cultural life of the Malay community, including the Siak people. Vertical massive panels combined with horizontal grids form a simple volume box. It represents a concept of verticality (relationship with the Khaliq / Creator), and horizontality (fellow human relations) that is full of openness. The architectural details contained in the building facade also unite the buildings individually with the existing regional masterplan concept, named the typical Malay Pucung Rebung motif.

We designed natural and artificial lighting systems. Natural lighting used during the day utilizes sunlight entering the building through the openings in the building's skin and through the roof openings. In line with the lighting concept applied in this building, the air conditioning concept was made as natural as possible, with so many openings on the roof and the skin which allows the crossing of airflow into the building.

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