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Yogyakarta, Indonesia

A gallery is a place that has permanent exhibitions of works of art in it. Architectural galleries on a campus must be able to display student’s works well and remain relevant to dynamic campus life; sharing, discussion and experimentation. A gallery is like a face, reflecting the environment around it. A gallery expresses the contents in it and how it embodies "man and creation".

Creative Tunnel transforms a negative space into a fun and pleasing narrow space. It provides informal spaces, harmonizes the need to display and generalize architectural activities. Informal space enables a diverse range of activities, in this case; discussion, learning, and working. It questions the limited notions within current discourses that conceive the relationship between public and private space and planned and non-planned space as binary.

Project Information

20.3 PAN BROTHERS OFFICE A (FILEminimizer).jpg

Project Gallery

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