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Depok, Indonesia

Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia (UIII) or Indonesian International Islamic University (IIIU) is a newly stablished graduate institution that provides seven schools and offers various academic programs focusing on the study of Islam and the Muslim world.

The Library building (Gedung Perpustakaan) symbolize knowledge, culture and civilization, located on three main pillars. These three architectural pillars are united in one of the main ideals of the UIII campus to develop a leading higher education and research.

The Library building has eight floors with a total area of 18,127.62 m2 for a capacity of 1,000 visitors, designed with the concept of a world-class college library. This building includes casual reading room, great reading area, collection area, multimedia room, search computer corner, seminar/meeting room, and cafetaria.

The dry system facade uses prefabricated marble tile and low-e glass. This building is equipped with wide skylights to maximize daylight so that it can reduce the use of lights during the day. A variable refrigerant volume cooling system and energy-saving lighting were installed to reduce energy use. Recycling water for toilet flushing and water-efficient plumbing fixtures were installed to improve the water savings.

Gedung Perpustakaan Kampus Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia has received a preliminary EDGE certificate from the Green Building Council Indonesia. Indonesia’s first Preliminary EDGE Library Project.

Sustainability Data

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