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Jakarta, Indonesia

One of the investment properties owned by PT Sinergi Investasi Properti is the Social Security (SS) Tower, located on the Golden Triangle of Jakarta. The unique modern building design in the shape of a beehive will become a new landmark in Jakarta. This rental office is built to Grade A building standards and is certified with a Greenship New Building at the Gold level.

The facade design of this building was built with 2 types of green glass on 2 different sides, which are high performance pyrolitic solar control Low-E Glass 6 mm Sunergy Sigma Green (#2) + 12 mm air space + 6 mm Planibel-G (#3) and 6 mm Stopsol Classic Green(#2) + 12 mm air space + 6 mm Planibel-G (#3). With a window to wall ratio design of 65.07% and the use of solar control glass, so the Overall Thermal Transfer Value (OTTV) calculation results are 35.54 watts/m2, and 44.57% of the net lettable area with a minimum of 300 lux of natural light intensity.

Energy savings are obtained by the use of a Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Air-Cooled system with COP 3.61, energy-saving lighting with Lighting Power Density 5.40 watt/m2, and high-performance elevators. While water savings are obtained by the use of water-efficiency sanitary ware as much as 88.89% of the total sanitary ware unit and Water Treatment Plant for greywater recycling treatment. Recycling water is used for flushing toilets and landscape irrigation.

Zero runoff rainwater rainfall is applied by using 1 unit of rainwater harvesting tank, 13 units of infiltration well, and 1 unit of retention ponds. The green area of the landscape and roof garden are filled with tropical plants that come from local nurseries, due to reducing the carbon footprint.

Type: Office
Services: Greenship Certification, Lighting Design
Year: 2018

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