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Tangerang Selatan, Indonesia

Graha Telkomsigma 2 stands as a landmark of geometric architecture in the urban hub of Tangerang. This building is owned by PT Sigma Cipta Caraka (Telkomsigma), is a leading integrated End-to-End ICT Solutions company.

This iconic building is designed with green features to reduce environmental impact and save on operational costs. To protect the environment, they use ISO 14001 certified materials and local materials.

The pattern on the building's facade reduces the window to wall ratio by 18.06%. The pattern as a shading device is able to reduce the heat of sunlight entering the room, also reduces the use of energy for cooling the room. The facade design uses 8 mm Stopsol Supersilver Euro Grey, which is a good solar control and unique reflective aesthetics glass. As a result, the Overall Thermal Transfer Value (OTTV) calculation results are 24.19 watts/m2.
This building using the new technology magnetic-bearing centrifugal chiller that operates at high efficiency, COP 6.513. When it comes to saving energy, magnetic-bearing is up to 40% more efficient than standard centrifugal chillers. This high-performance magnetic-bearing centrifugal chiller, external shading devices, and LED lighting system contribute to reduce the building’s energy use.

Water management done in this building is very effective so as to reduce the use of water by half. There is a Sewage Treatment Plant used to treat grey and black water, so recycled water can be used for toilets flushing, makeup water for cooling towers, and landscape irrigation. Condensate water dan rainwater as alternative clean water resources. All sanitary ware units selected for use in this building are water-saving sanitary ware types.

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