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Jakarta, Indonesia

Maritime Tower is an iconic building in North Jakarta which is the first project of PT Menara Maritim Indonesia. To present the maritime community, this building carries the concept of modern architectural design in the form of a phinisi ship with the quality of a B + (B plus) class building certified with Green Building grade Gold.

The green area of the landscape, green roof, and green wall are filled with tropical plants that come from local nurseries, due to reducing the carbon footprint. Finishing materials for driveway using bright color andesite stones, as an effort to improve the microclimate. As a result, the albedo value for hardscape was 0.48. Zero runoff concept design was applied to control floods by using rainwater harvesting tanks and long soak pond.

Curtain wall unitized system façade design using single glass 8 mm Sunergy Sigma Blue Green #2, a high performance pyrolitic solar control Low-E Glass. The facade design is equipped with parapets with a height of 80 cm, and horizontal shading devices with a width of 0.60 m to prevent unwanted solar heat gain from entering a conditioned space. As a result, 32.95% net lettable area with a minimum of 300 lux of natural light intensity, and Overall Thermal Transfer Value (OTTV) 39.25 watt/m2.

Energy savings are obtained by the use of a Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Air-Cooled system with COP 3.60, energy-saving lighting with Lighting Power Density 7.00 watt/m2, and high-performance elevators. While water savings are obtained by the use of water-efficiency sanitary ware, recycling water, and alternative clean water. Grey and black water are treated at the Sewage Treatment Plant (STP), then recycling water is used for toilet flushing and landscape irrigation. Condensate water dan rainwater as alternative clean water resources.

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