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Jakarta, Indonesia

PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk built a new building in Jakarta as the head office, Menara BNI Pejompongan, designed to resemble the silhouette of 'shoots' or 'bamboo' or 'something that grows'. This iconic building is designed with green features to reduce environmental impact and save on operational costs.

Full glass façade design with high-performance solar control glass 8 mm SKN 144 + 12 mm air space + 6 mm Clear, are designed to maximize natural light and outside view. As the result, 50.44% net lettable area with a minimum of 300 lux of natural light intensity, 83.51% net lettable area with outside view, and Overall Thermal Transfer Value (OTTV) 33.76 watt/m2.

High performance water-cooled centrifugal chiller IPLV 6.90, energy-saving lighting with Lighting Power Density 2.60 watt/m2, daylight sensor, and high-efficiency regenerative drives elevators reduce the building’s energy use, while black and greywater recycling system, rainwater harvesting, and drip irrigation system reduce the building’s water use. Recycling water is used for flushing the toilets, make-up water for cooling towers, and landscape irrigation.

The system of rainwater zero runoff is applied to buildings as an effort to control floods by using rainwater harvesting tanks, infiltrated wells, and retention ponds. To protect the environment and to reduce construction waste, the building used environmentally-friendly construction materials such as ISO 14001 certified material, recycled content material, prefabrication material, local material, and regional material.

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