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Surayaba, Indonesia

Olive Tower is one of the towers in the Grand Dharmahusada Lagoon superblock, an area of 4.2 hectares in a premium location of East Surabaya. This best offerings from PT PP Property Tbk is designed by balancing the feel of nature and modernity. Natural elements represented by natural garden and modernity is reflected in the futuristic design, yet friendly environment.

Open space design that provides play and gathering space, and is friendly for diffable users. Regular exercise will be facilitated with the pedestrian walk, jogging track, and a roof podium equipped with a swimming pool, gym, and garden. Treetop walks that connect each tower are functioned to encourage residents to live healthier by taking a walk.

Window wall system façade design using single glass 8 mm panasap eurogrey, the finest heat-absorbing glass. The percentage of the window to wall ratio 19.27% and the use of single glass causes the OTTV value 41.33 watts/m2 and daylight area 33.40%. The room design is adapted to the ASHRAE 62.1-2007 standard for naturally ventilated spaces and outdoor air introduction. The wall between the apartment units has been equipped with insulation from Rockwool material so that there is no air exchange between units.

Split type air conditioners with high COP and energy-saving lighting with Lighting Power Density 2.50 watt/m2 reduce the building’s energy use by a quarter. Water savings of 36.46% from the use of water-efficiency sanitary ware as much as 99.59% of the total sanitary ware unit in the building, rainwater as the clean water alternative, and recycling water for landscape irrigation.

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