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Jakarta, Indonesia

PT Griya Idola was established in 1989 as a company that manages the properties of Barito Pacific, the head office of Barito Pacific, and several of its subsidiaries, as well as other property assets in Jakarta. Currently, PT Griya Idola is in the development stage of Wisma Barito II, located in a 5,290 m² land near Wisma Barito Pacific.

Full glass façade design of this rental office was built using High-Performance Solar Control Low-E Glass 8 mm Stopray Vision 40T #2 + 12 mm air space + 6 mm Clear. Stopray is able to deliver maximum energy savings that meet or exceed energy code requirements. As the result, the Overall Thermal Transfer Value (OTTV) calculation results are 33.01 watts/m2 which is under the SNI baseline, and 45.73% net lettable area with a minimum of 300 lux of natural light intensity.
High-performance solar control low-e glass, Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Air-Cooled system with COP 3.46, energy-saving lighting with Lighting Power Density 3.30 watt/m2 and high-performance elevators reduce the building’s energy use. The pedestrian pathway is equipped with a row of trees that have broad canopies, which function as a canopy shade and protector from strong winds. Zero runoff rainwater rainfall is applied as an effort to control floods.

Water savings reach 90.09% compared to baseline. Water savings are obtained by the use of water-efficiency sanitary ware as much as 94.96% of the total sanitary ware unit, and condensate water dan rainwater as alternative clean water resources. Grey and black water are treated at the Sewage Treatment Plant (STP), then recycling water is used for toilet flushing and landscape irrigation.

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