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Salalah. OMAN


Salalah Grand Mall main concept lighting is to make a unique shopping experience involves attracting, engaging, and converting first time customers into repeat customers with the theme that illustrates Salalah’s landscape. As a mall, this building is supposed to be the brightest building in this area. Human as a positive phototaxis organism, will notice the light and define it as an attraction. The middle part of the mall is designed with the brightest light intensity, while both east and west side will be illuminated by dot luminaire pattern.

The Indoor is designed with a real-time atmosphere lighting concept, giving a mesmerizing day and night atmosphere difference to influence the visitors shopping style as they will flow to the other time dimension and shop without any time considerations. A comfortable, exciting ambience will make people enjoy the experience and stay longer. Lighting controls are the perfect way to set the right lighting mood that encourages customers to feel relaxed and carry on browsing through the merchandise. 

Project Facts

Location: Salalah. OMAN

Client: PT Airmas Asri

Service: Special Lighting

Year: 2017

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