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Mina Bahari IV Building is a building owned by the Indonesian Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries located in Gambir, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia. The basic concept of site layout planning at this building is based on the goal of creating office buildings as part of the area that will enhance the functional and visual quality of the surrounding area as well as a built environment which also functions as a medium of learning about the integrity of interactions between humans and the environment. The concepts in site layout planning are based on functional, ecological, and aesthetic aspects.

Functionally, the site spatial plan aims to create an image of a place with a distinctive shape (ground figure) and visual interconnection (linkage). Thus, the area will be able to accommodate existing functions and activities properly. Ecologically, the completion of the design takes into account conservation and prioritizes natural systems. Planning for environmentally friendly buildings also contributes to the image of the place. This can be done by creating a dominant green area, providing soil treatment that allows water absorption, and structuring the face of buildings that are integrated with the site. 

Another consideration that forms the building concept is the aesthetics of the outer space, concerning the orientation of the building and the quality of human field of view. Public amenity of each zone and sub zone is thematically designed, which in addition to provide visual aesthetics is also a marker sequence that provides orientation for users, especially to distinguish one place from another.

Project Facts

Type: Office Building

Floor Area: 36.568,08 m2

Service: Architecture Design & Energy Simulation

Year: 2012

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Mina Bahari IV:

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